Thursday, April 30, 2009

what are at 2, 4, 6 nassim road?

at no:6 is a spa boutique. spaboutique ~ the city resort spa @ nassim is located just a stone's throw away from orchard road at 6 nassim road. step from the busy metropolitan atmosphere of the city into sprawling grounds surrounded by nature. soak in the nature calls and the ambience of an early 20th century colonial-style bungalow, as you relax and refresh under the personalized care of our experienced therapists.

at no:4 is pecc secretariat. pecc stands for pacific economic cooperation council. it is a non-governmental institution. the building is vacant as it is undergoing renovation or as they put it, rectification.

at no:2 is siia house. siia stands for singapore institute of international affairs. unifem stands for united nations development fund for women. aidha is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ‘enriching lives through financial education.’ inspired by unifem's national committee, singapore, aidha serves women migrant workers.

i went looking for no:3 nassim road and ended up with 2, 4 an 6 nassim road.

what was the tourist attraction i was looking for which used to be at no: 3 nassim road?

what is at this address - no:3 nassim road - today?


Anonymous said...

is it jade house which used to belong to the Haw Par brothers?

yg said...

anonymous, yes, the jade house which beonged to the aw brothers. i visited it once before the place was torn down.

SFChurch101 said...

What happened to the jade house? I mean, why was it torn down? If it is No. 3, it must be on the opposite side of the road, right? Thanks for your post! I love reading your articles, it gives a sense of nostalgia and it also makes me think too!