Saturday, April 4, 2009

coupling at east coast park

last saturday, while waiting for members of my balestier group at car-park f3 at the east coast park for the weekly walk, i noticed something out of the ordinary. runners, wearing number tags, were going past me. it took sometime for me to realise that they were walking, jogging or running in pairs. each pair consisted of a male and a female. a scrutiny of their number tags confirmed what i thought was happening. the two numbers were consecutive. they were taking part in a team/couple run.

some of the couples held hands while they walked or jogged. those who were at a faster pace could not hold hands. some had ear-pieces while enjoying music from a shared ipod. most of the couples maintained their pace and stayed close to each other. however, there was one pair which drifted apart; the girl was well-ahead of the boy.

there was one couple - i missed taking a photo of them - pushing a pram each. the man was pushing a baby and the wife, i presume, was pushing a toddler in the pram.

in this kind of run, everyone is a winner. i do not think it was organised like a competition. i did not see anyone or any couple trying to kill themselves just to win the race. they were there to take part in an activity they enjoy doing together and they were having fun.

i was wondering if our young man icemoon was among the couples,

old cock (like me) will find it difficult to coax an old hen to just amble.

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