Monday, April 6, 2009

viewing platform at singapore quarry

this is the shelter with minimal seating at the viewing platform at the singapore quarry. what is sorely lacking here are the toilet facilities. for men, there is the open 'firing range' but for women, it will be a problem looking for 'cover' in this area.

there are reeds growing quite close to the platform. it will be nice if some lesser whistling ducks, like those at the botanic gardens, decide to make this place their home.

this is the platform overlooking the water of the singapore quarry. the quarry, which ceased operation in the early 70s, has seen no activity until nparks decided to develop the dairy farm nature park and it was included in the plans. the place was fenced and the gate locked.

access to the singapore quarry is via the road that leads to the ministry of education dairy farm adventure campsite. a short cut to it is via jalan asas, where the rail mall is. you can read about the access here.

so, with the opening of the dairy farm nature park, i will lose another place where i go to to enjoy solitude and to be close to nature. still, i am glad that more people will cme to know and appreciate this quiet spot in singapore.

you can also see the quarry from bukit timah (hill).


peter said...

I like to check with you on this trail, whether it exists today. I remember back in the 1960s I used to take a dirt track from Chestnut Ave along the water pipeline and ended in a reservoir. I believe I followed the water pipeline south (after Dairy Frm Flyover) towards Bukit Timah Hill and then turned left into the jungle. I think the reservoir called Upper Pierce Reservoir was not built then. The remnant of this track could be the present track that leads into the same reservoir but from the old Upper Thomson Road side (Singapore motor races were held here).

Today I checked the Street Directory and found there is a jungle walk trail that brings you to Lower Pierce Reservoir near a gold course.

Can u confirm both trails? Is the jungle walk the same as the one I walked back in the 1960s? OR how does one walk from Chestnut Avenue to Lower Pierce?

yg said...

peter, i have not tried this route yet. however, i am trying to get someone to lead a group of us on a trek from chestnut avenue to lower peirce. i think it may be the same trail that you used back in the 60s. we most probably will do this in may or june this year.

peter said...

drop me an email for an "invite". I like to join; sort of something of a journey for me where I almost got drown.

yg said...

peter, i will keep you informed of it.

kiatsan said...

Is this Singapore Quarry officially opened to the Public already?