Monday, April 27, 2009

have you heard of st luke's church?

the church (chapel) was opened in 1928. the first priest was rev. r richards who served from 1928 until easter 1934. mrs mary mcgregor was the instructor from 1928 until her death in 1932. there is a plaque in her memory affixed to the south wall of the church.

st luke's church served as a chapel for traflagar hospital (formerly trafalgar home). anglican and protestant patients from the hospital worshipped at st luke's and so did former patients who lived in the neighbourhood.

bilingual services (hokkien and english) were held on sundays at 11 a.m. after the service, the blessed sacrament was taken to patients in the hospital who were unable to attend church. an evening service in hokkien was held on alternate wednesdays.

some of the church members who lived in a kampong off jalan kayu where there was no bus service. holy communion was celebrated in one of the member's house in the afternoon of the second sunday of each month.

information obtained from the diocesan digest, diocese of singapore

can you read the words on a small plate just above the door? it's 'om sai ram'.


Victor said...

Is this the church just outside the old entrance to Seletar Camp? I took some photos of the church early this year but never got down to blogging about it.

yg said...

victor, it is at lorong buangkok, next to the (old) woodbridge hospital.