Monday, June 9, 2008

places you can park for free

if you travel around in a car in singapore, it is good to know where you can park for free, without having to display coupon and worrying if you will be booked for exceeding the time.

to spare you from having to find out for yourself whether there is a compassionate 'fine' system, i am sharing information on some of the places where you can park for free. make sure, however, that you do not infringe any of the parking rules at these places; e.g. do not park where there is a continuous white line or where there is a fire hydrant close by.

this is definitely not an exhaustive list.

botanic gardens - free parking is available at the space opposite the royal tanglin golf course, corner of minden road and sherwood road. it is next to st george's church and nearer to the ministry of foreign affairs.

changi creek - if you are going to leave your car for more than a few hours, you can park at the road across from squadron 302 along the corner of halton road and sealand road. from there, it is about 800m to changi creek.

bukit batok nature park - park at lorong sesuai. to enter lorong sesuai, you have to approach by old jurong road.

macritchie reservoir park - when i go for my walk at macritchie i do not park at the car-park although it is free. this is because exiting macritchie is a big hassle, long wait for a break in the traffic flow. i normally park along the road leading to st theresa's home (formerly known as 'the little sister of the poor'.

west coast park - if you visit west coast park, take note that car-park1 is not free; you have to display coupon/s whereas car-parks 2 & 3 are free.

thomson plaza - soo chow estate

bukit timah plaza - the road leading to econ nursing home, just before bukit timah avenue

changi beach park - car-park outside the changi ferry terminal

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