Sunday, June 8, 2008

boulder beach, punggol end

punggol end or ponggol end where bus service 82 terminates is also the place where you board the boat to take you to singapore outward bound school on pulau ubin. in the past, this was the place to go to for seafood, especially chilli crabs.

punggol beach can be glamourised as boulder beach because there are many large black boulders on the beach as well as on the shore. there is also a big tract of wasteland where casuarinas are in abundance and where there are sandy tracks that appear to go in circles. this place is popular with anglers.

from the jetty you can see pulau ubin and the two smaller islets, pulau sekudu (frog island) and pulau ketam (crab island). in the background is pasir gudang in johor, malaysia. pulau serangoon, also called coney island, is also within sight. in fact, coney island is closer to the mainland than all the other islands.

i have swum from coney island to punggol in my more adventurous days. those days we would also canoe from pasir ris, where our boats were kept, to frog and crab islands to collect mussels and pick sea shells.

punggol end is also near to camping grounds and camp sites. the ministry of education used to have 2 campsites in the punggol area. the one at 17th avenue was closed down a few years ago. while i was at monk's hill we once held our camp at the pa campsite. one of the camp activities was making a visit to the defunct punggol fishery in the early hours of the morning to watch the goings on at the fishery.

there are plans to develop punggol point into a sea sports and recreational destination, with rustic seaside dining opportunities.


Lam Chun See said...

Ponggol end always reminds me of Tuas Village. Both are famous for seafood. Both have that very rustic environment. I enjoyed the drive there becos of the trees on both sides of the road. Nowadays, very few roads in Spore offer such an environment.

I have a couple photos of my sister taken near some pond or lake which I suspect was in Ponggol area. One of these days I will put them up and maybe you can help me to confirm or throw some light on it.

yg said...

until last year, there was still a commercial fishing pond near ponggol end.

roltancc said...


saw your post on the linking bridge to coney island? Btw where is this bridge located? ( drop me a mail on that ) Your other post are very interesting too. very informative.