Tuesday, June 3, 2008

going to johor via tanjong pengelih

today, we went to johor via its third entry point - the immigration and customs at tanjong pengelih. it is apparently not a popular entry point, especially on weekdays, because at changi creek the other passengers had to wait for more than an hour before the requisite 12 passengers was met for the bumboat to start the one-hour trip. when the 5 of us joined the queue, the number was exceeded by 1, so my friend kwan had to sacrifice his going. the fare is s$8 per person, one way.

our sole purpose of going to laid-back sungei rengit in south-eastern johor was to enjoy the seafood that has been attracting weekend crowds from singapore. still, there are other attractions like the mango farms and the ostrich farm. the taxi-driver quoted rm$18 for the trip from the jetty to sungei rengit. we decided to charter the taxi so that he could take us to all the places we wanted to visit and to drive us back to tanjong pengelih after our lunch.

there are two mango farms about 5km from sungei rengit. if you are travelling from the jetty to the town, it is on your left. the one outside, nearer the road, is a smaller farm. the bigger farm, whose owner came from sitiawan, is about 1 km further in along the same track. huge honey mangoes can be had for rm$5 a kilo.

the ostrich farm is about 2km past sungei rengit. there is an admission charge of rm$10 if you want to get up close to these big birds.

i had tried to promote this place among my former colleagues when i was still working but there were no takers. i would rave about the cheap and delicious food served at the many seafood restaurants. we found out that a meal there would still cost less than half s'pore's price.

while most singaporeans flock to the well-rated jade garden restaurant, we decided to try out the one across the road. it is called the sin kong seafood restaurant. we had chilli crabs - about 2 kg, steamed fish, sambal kangkong, hot plate tofu, mantou and chinese tea. the bill was rm$107 (s$45.30). i have eaten at both restaurants and i find the food at the less well-known restaurant just as good.


peter said...

Is the bum-boat safe? what else to do in that town besides eating? chun see wanna go?

yg said...

the boat ride is okay; the bumboats have been plying this route for many years. on week-days, you may have to wait around for enough passengers before the boatman decides to make the trip. on the other hand, weekends can pose another problem - not enough boats to take you back. the last boat leaves tg pengelih at 4pm, so you have to be at the customs before that.

the mangoes are worth buying because they cost less than half of what you pay here.

the boat trip is an educational one. you will be able to see for yourself the extent of our territorial expansion programme and understand why our neighbours feel the way they feel.

Lam Chun See said...

I don't think so. You forget I am 'half-Malaysian'. This type of landscape/scenery, seafood etc. plenty in Ipoh vicinity. Anyway, I'm going to Kuatan next week for a church camp.