Sunday, June 22, 2008

developments around jln mempurong

things tend to go one full circle in singapore. the sembawang seaports centre used to be located at jalan mempurong, the site now occupied by the bottletree village. in fact, bottletree village had its beginning as sembawang seafood restaurant at the same site. then, it was a small family restaurant catering to the members of sembawang seasports centre and some regulars.

today, when i dropped in at bottletree village, i was surprised to find out that a new project being developed on the adjacent piece of land will be a seasports centre (water venture) to be operated by the people's association. the facilities catering to seasports enthusiasts are expected to be ready at the end of july 2008.

i also found out that there are some additional attractions at bottletree village. they have a fish spa within its premises. the spa, a rectangular pool filled with lots of garra rufa, is quite similar to the one at qian hu. there was also a signboard announcing that prawn fishing would soon be available at bottletree village.

it appears that there are other changes in and around that area. over at masjid petempatan melayu sembawang, they have created a spice garden and it looks like they are doing more to bring back a bit of the kampong scene.

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