Wednesday, June 18, 2008

locking up motorcycles - the melaka way

in melaka, where the motorcycle is a popular mode of transport for the working class people, they have a unique way of securing the motorcycles at the motorcycle-park. at this place, next to the mahkota parade, motorcyclists can park their bikes and have them locked up by the attendants.

the motorcycles are parked neatly in rows and each of the parked bikes is secured by a lock and a rod which is passed between the spokes of the front wheel. the attendant, who has a master key, will lock up the bike and issue you a ticket. i think the charge is rm$1.00 per entry. when you need to retrieve your bike, you just show him the ticket and he will unlock the padlock for you.

it is a neat, safe and secure way of leaving your motorcycle in a parking area.

there is another service available to motorcyclists in melaka which is not found here in singapore. those who do not wish to lug their motorcycle helmets around with them when they go shopping or when going for a stroll in the park can actually leave the helmet in the care of some people for a small fee of 50 sen.

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