Saturday, June 21, 2008

geometry lesson at forest walk

the forest walk is mainly a 1.3km interlinking grated metal walkway. i especially like this stretch of the southern ridges because you can still enjoy your walk in a cool and shaded environment even after 8.00 a.m. another attraction here is the usually large number of birds like the mynahs, drongos and the orioles on the saga seed (adenanthera pavonina) and albizia trees.

it is interesting to note that the majority of the steel gratings are in the shape of an equilateral triangle. they must have a mould to make most of the triangular gratings. however, if you take time to examine them, you will find that some are specially cut and welded to fit into the odd corners or spaces.

so if you take young children along the walkway, you can get them to look for triangles, equilateral ones and right-angled ones, quadrilaterals and pentagons.

are the triangles of the same size?

are there other shapes?

how many triangles make a pentagon?

there are so many things to look out for to make the walk more interesting rather than just walk to cover the distance.

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Seen This Scene That said...

Thanks yg for the insight. the next time i visit, can get my kids to learn too and thanks for supporting my site too! take care.