Monday, June 2, 2008

it is only a number, lah

overheard a conversation between a visitor to singapore and a local
visitor: i notice that trucks, lorries and buses travel quite fast on the expressways. by the way, what is the signifance of this number that is displayed at the rear left side of these vehicles? 60km/h, 70km/h and even 90km/h on some (malaysian) buses.
local: i hardly drive these days, so i am not too sure. what with petrol prices at such heights, i rather take public transport. but i think the number e.g. 60km/h, means that once the truck hits the expressway, it has to travel faster than 60km/h.
visitor: oh, i see. that's why all of them speed. but what is the rationale behind this ruling?
local: i am not sure. i suppose if every vehicle moves fast, the road can carry move traffic. there used to be a ruling which required the slower moving vehicles to keep left but i think that does not apply nowadays.
visitor: oh, so now it's okay for the trucks and buses to travel in the right lanes.
local: it seems to be the case from what i see happening on the expressways.
visitor: you all seem to have grand prix drivers among your truck, bus and lorry drivers? they seem to be such skilful drivers. i have seen lorries ferrying a full load of passengers travelling at more than 90km/h. i don't think lewis hamilton can do that. any serious accident involving such lorries so far?
local: i am not sure. maybe, there have been but anyway in an accident, the lorry driver usually escaped with slight injuries; it is the passengers who get seriously injured.
visitor: have there been more accidents on the roads?
local: i am not sure.
visitor: you don't seem to be sure of anything.
local: well, things keep changing and they change so fast, it is difficult for me to keep up.


Lam Chun See said...

Heh, you express my thoughts exactly on this issue; only in such a witty manner.

yg said...

chun see, you are good, yah. how did you know that the conversation was a fictitious one?