Saturday, September 20, 2008

you own the road outside your house?

talking about buying houses, i think some house owners seem to give the impression that when they buy a house, they automatically own the road space just outside their house.

my friend was trying to explain that the tyres could have been placed there by the people who live in the house opposite to this one as they may have problem reversing the car out of their driveway if a vehicle is parked at where the tyres are.

some use tyres. some use dustbins. some use broken furniture. some use heavy metal pieces. some use bricks. what else can be used to 'chope' the space?

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peter said...

In some estates I have visisted, dustbins, chairs and potted plants are used to "reserve" space. The latest improvision is to use a parked park and stick the car into one's driveway. That way your neighbour will not be able to use that space.

BTW if you think that only uncivilised people do it, wait till I tell you a permanent secretary (governmetn scholar and not an oldie) of a Singapore government ministry does it with his car. One day I will take the photo of his car and u can see who that person is.

There are people who give you the stare as if they did not do anything wrong.

My solution: Stick a big notice on his windscreen with a warning written in BOLD WORDS " Obstruction Can End in Unintended Accidents". I believe many people take the big hint and park in a manner that does not obstruct traffic or a nuisance to others.