Friday, September 26, 2008

the blue bottle fly

cane across this blue bottle fly at the main bridge of sungei buloh wetland reserve. the blue bottle fly is also called a blowfly. the green ones are known as green bottle flies. this type of fly is slightly larger than the common housefly. they lay their eggs on decaying meat, decomposing matter and faeces.

during those kampong days, we would see them in the latrines and sometimes around dead animals. occasionally, they would fly into the house and we would try our best to chase them away because we considered them dirtier than the ordinary house flies.

the blue bottle fly does not just visit putrid stuff; it also visits flowers because it is a pollinator. i suppose it will visit flowers that emit an odor resembling rotting meat. it should be attracted to the stinkhorn. the blue bottle fly has red eyes and clear wings.

(still no entomologist; i had to google to find the name of the fly.)

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Joe said...

We call it the Sai Eh Hor Shin.