Tuesday, September 30, 2008

house built in 1927

three quizzes making the round: there is the old singapore quiz by victor; old circus quiz by chun see and mine is the old building quiz.

i do not know how to use photoshop to remove the name on this building and the two young women who were seated near the steps. this two-storey building used to be the family home of a well-known writer, leslie charteris.

1 what is its present use of this building? kindergarten

2 what was its original name? westbourne

3 what two other names was it known by? kriegsmarine hqs; field house

4 what is the address of this building? 25 gilstead rd


Icemoon said...

Don't let the oldies have it easy. Just do what you have done for the metronome.

Victor said...

Why do you want to remove the 2 women from the photo? Afraid that we identify them too? :p

yg said...

afraid that with your power of deduction you would be able to link the two women with the present use of this place/building.

Icemoon said...

How come there is a playground on the lawn?

Victor said...

Kriegsmarine Headquaters (Stützpunkt-Office) at 25 Gilstead Rd ,Singapore.

Last time used to home to Spastic Children's Association of Singapore. Now it is at Pasir Ris Drive 1.

Now it is Grace Childcare Centre.

I also know how to read pixelated sign - it says "Gracefields".

Icemoon - I am no oldie, okay?


Icemoon said...

Eh, all of you have children. That's old enough to me.

Next time must set quiz the jigsaw puzzle way. There are jigsaw puzzle computer games that accept your picture. Then take a screenshot with the pieces mixed up. Lol, so evil right?

peter said...

victor, your german first-class. u attended german lessons?

Lam Chun See said...

Icemoon. Why you want to punish us with such difficult assignments.

yg said...

victor managed to give 3 correct answers.