Sunday, September 21, 2008

from harbourfront to canopy walk

today, at our balestier group monthly walk, we missed the company of our regular walkers teck seng, seck yeong and puay heian. albert poh wanted to but could not make it also. albert koh and his wife are still in melbourne. puay heian was down with flu while teck seng had to go for a check-up because of fever, low blood pressure and multiple joint aches.

eight of us gathered at the meeting point at car-park b, kent ridge park. lay bee and i went in nah's car to seah imm car-park near harbourfront while william's wife drove william, pastor phua and his wife to the same car-park.

when we reached the end of the marang trail, it started to drizzle. at the place where we sought shelter, see thiam met some of his relatives, including his sister. all the way to the hort park we met quite a number of groups on an organised outing.

our walk ended at kent ridge park. according to nah, we covered a distance of nearly 7km. this time, he and betty got into our car for the ride to seah imm car-park. see thiam dropped william off at his pasir panjang's place before proceeding to met us at harbourfront for lunch.

this was our group's third time at the southern ridges. the first two walks were done in parts and today's walk was a combination of the two. there is actually another section leading to the west coast park which we chose to skip.


Icemoon said...

Hey I didn't know the SAF New Balance is so popular with oldies. The first couple from the left wearing it, so is the second man from right.

yg said...

woah, you are very observant. explanation, very simple. the couple has a son who has completed his national service. the second man from the right also has a son who is undergoing national service now. the man on the extreme right does not have a son and neither do i.

Icemoon said...

I get it.

You are telling me you are the photographer? :P

Icemoon said...

Wait, the number is not correct.

You said "eight of us gathered", but how come only six in the picture??

1. lay bee
2. yg
3. nah
4. william
5. william's wife
6. pastor phua
7. pastor phua's wife
8. see thiam

Two couples, so eliminate 1,2 from left, and 2,3 from right. eliminate yg too.

left lay bee, nah and see thiam. I think 3 from left is lay bee. No way to guess 1 from right is nah or see thiam.

Icemoon said...

1 from right could be nah, 'cos see thiam met some of his relatives. If the photo shows the place where you sought shelter, then see thiam could be chatting with his relatives/sister.

yg said...

icemoon, when you tell a story, you sometimes leave out certain info. pastor phua is see thiam. william's wife drove them to the car-park at seah imm but she did not join us for the walk. she drove the car home, which is at pasir panjang.

Icemoon said...

Oh no, I am very confused now.

In that case there are only six people?! Then who is the photographer?

Also, the three men in the photo are accounted for; two have sons, one does not. Where is yg then?

*scratch head*

yg said...

you got it right the first time: i am the photographer. you delete william's wife and replace it with mrs nah. (mr & mrs nah wwore new balance shoes.)

Icemoon said...

Oh I see, it was very confusing just now, thanks for the clarification.

Nonetheless, a very good 'mind exercise' on a Sunday, hehe.