Saturday, September 27, 2008

parking at changi village on a weekend

it has been sometime since i visited changi village at night on a weekend. with the opening of a few new food outlets, the place seems to be drawing more and more people from all corners of singapore. the people eating the restaurants and food centre could not all be from the holiday bungalows and chalets located nearby. it would seem to me that the majority of the people there were those who enjoy eating out.

because of its popularity, finding a parking space on a weekend is a problem. the upgraded car-parks in the vicinity of the food centre are always fully parked. where else can you park? one alternative is to park at nicoll drive - it's free parking after 5 p.m. on a weekday and saturday - then walk across the stone bridge to get to the food centre. another place where you may find parking space is the car-park of the civil service club but here you will have to pay parking charges.

for free long-term parking - say, you are going for an overnight trip to pulau ubin or penggerang in johor - then you should park your vehicle along halton road, the road leading to the former changi general hospital. there are plans for the building to be converted into a spa resort. it is a good 800m walk to the ferry terminal.

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