Saturday, September 13, 2008

the triangular indian curry puff

one type of curry puff that we do not see much of these days is the large, triangular, indian curry puff. i suppose if you go to tekka market or the serangoon road area, you may be able to get it without too much difficulty. i enjoyed eating this curry puff in my younger days and i still do. i like it when it is hot, and i like the hard and crispy edges. in those days, there was one type of filling only - curry potato.

i remember there was this indian shop at the corner of owen road and dorset road. the sikh shop owners would bake these triangular curry puffs in a stone oven, the type of oven they use for baking naan and pizzas in some places. i would go and buy it in the evening when it was freshly baked. if i remember correctly, it was ten cents a piece, which was quite worth it because it was big and much more filling (for the stomach) than the malay epok epok.

another way i used to get to eat this puff was to buy it from this sikh man who came around the kampong on a bicycle to sell bread. he also sold these curry puffs. as it was quite a mouthful (to eat, not to say it) for us small boys, we would request him to cut it into two equal pieces. he would do this using a pair of scissors.

today, i came across mention of a shop in joo chiat, along onan road, which sells a very good variety of this curry puff. anyway, i bought mine from a shop in my neighbourhood for $1.10. back in those days, it cost 10 or 15 cents a piece.

a check with my friends indicate that not everybody was particularly fond of eating it. the complaints were: it was too oily; it was too flaky; and they were quite stingy with the filling.


Lam Chun See said...

Yah I remember seeing this in our ACS school tuckshop. But it looked more burnt than this. Remember pyramid shape fresh milk. Neve could afford it.

Victor said...

This type of curry puff is still available at the mama shop in the void deck of the block next to mine. It costs $1.10 per piece. Just ate 2 pieces this week.

An Indian coffeeshop a few blocks away also sells this type of curry puff regularly but it is now temporarily closed for the Ramadan month.

They also sell the rectangle-shaped type with mutton filling at $1.60 per piece.

yg said...

i was wrong about it being available at tekka. the next day, i went to the temporary food court along race course road but could not get any.