Friday, August 29, 2008

parking at unbroken double two yellow lines

we all know it is a traffic offence to park at an unbroken double yellow lines, but is it also an offence to park at the other side of the double yellow lines like the car shown above? it was not parked on the road where it would have obstructed traffic.

that small bay where the car was parked cannot be considered a footway, neither can it be considered turf because it is cemented. it is an offence to park on the footway of a public road and for parking on the turf, the fine is quite stiff.

by the way, not many people seem to be aware that parking within 9m of a bus-stop is a traffic offence. or maybe they know but just like to take the chance.


Victor said...

This is a case that is probably arguable in court. To avoid the ambiguity, the authorities should have painted the double yellow lines closer to the edge of the road.

Another thing I notice is that even luxury car owners also want to save on parking fees.

Lam Chun See said...

This place looks like Tyersall Road. Near my house, people like to park at the road junction .... not near the junction, but AT the junction.

yg said...

yes, this picture was taken at tyersall road. early in the morning, many joggers and walkers park their cars along this stretch, most of them in the designated lots and some in the lots meant for coaches. anyway, coupon parking starts at 8.30 a.m., so they enjoy free parking.

peter said...

There are simply too many road ruegulations in Singapore. I think I am very confused. Too late to learn anything. Perhaps someone can tell me the difference in each colour and what I can or cannot do.

1. white single continuous line in the middle
2. white single broken line in the middle
3. yellow single line
4. yellow double line
5. jagged yellow (single or double????) line
6. red single continuous line
7. red single continuous line
8 what else?????

yg said...

single zig-zag line = no parking or waiting but can drop off passenger

double zig-zag lines = no parking or stopping at any time

red single continuous line, a new introduction to demarcate the whole day bus lane.

the others have been around for a long time.