Thursday, August 28, 2008

abandoned houses on a hill

today, i deviated from my usual walking route at botanic gardens. instead of walking within the gardens, i decided to walk the periphery of the gardens - holland road, tyersall road and gallop road.

at gallop road, i saw this abandoned house on a hill. as there was no one around, i decided to do a bit of snooping. found out that there was another abandoned building on higher ground, further up the road. the second one, with tiled roofing, was in better shape and condition. the first one, though a bit rundown, was actually more impressive. its roofing seemed to be that of corrugated iron. the facade was however spoilt by the window-type air-conditioner.

what was this building - the one in the top picture - used as before it was abandoned? did it have a name and if it did, what was the name?

old french embassy; inverturret


Lam Chun See said...

Jusr looking at the photo, it's hard to believe that this is in Spore in 2008.

I have seen similar buildings near HortPark and at Portsdown Road.

Victor said...

The building in the first photo is the old French Embassy located at 5 Gallop Road. Since September 1999, it has moved to a new building at101-103 Cluny Park Road. (More info here.)

You can see an old photo of the old French Embassy in a very rundown state here.

yg said...

i am still waiting for peter to tell us the name of the building. i came across a comment in someone else's blog about the same buildings. it had been a residence before it came to be the french embassy.

yg said...

don't think anyone is going to provide the name of the grand building. i found the name in the comment of this blog here

Andrew said...

A little late reply from me. Heh
1st one, The Atbara
2nd one, The Inverturret

Cheers! :)

yg said...

andrew, the answer to the first part of the question is 'the former french embassy' and the second is, as you have given, 'inverturret'.

darkAngel said...

soon it will not be an abandoned house or building anymore because they already started renovating it:)