Saturday, July 11, 2009

school building quiz

this school building exists in singapore. i am sure hardly any senior citizens are aware of its existence because it is a fairly new building. no, it has no affliation to saint joseph institution (sji) or st joseph institution junior - the former st michael's school.

although it is named ann joseph primary school, i do not think any primary or secondary school students know about its existence. but those who have completed secondary, especially post-secondary education, may have come across it.

clue: it is located in the north-western part of singapore. you cannot see the building from the main road. do not try to 'google', it will not be of any help.

question: where, exactly, is this school?

i think this one must give more clues. this place is a mock-up town with shop-houses, residential buildings, bus-stops and even an overhead bridge. when i first chanced upon it, i thought it was a movie town. but, it is not.


stanley said...

Wah!! It's first time that I see such a long phallic-like bunch of bananas. I am a lover of bananas especially the "red meat" variety.
On the subject of tropical fruits, I am just wondering why during the durian season, the supply of papayas from the fruit farms usually dwindle.

yg said...

stanley, for a moment i thought i had met a fellow wanderer. i thought you could provide the answer to the 'new' school. the banana is a more complete fruit than the apple. i like to eat pisang rajah.
the next time i visit a fruit farm, i will ask the reason for the dwindling of papayas during the durian season.