Friday, July 31, 2009

9 august is our 44th national day

time to display the national flag

dutifully displayed at whampoa south

enormously displayed at bendemeer road

singly displayed at west coast road

how did they get the line of flags between two blocks?

this year's ndp theme is: come together - reaching up, reaching out.


Icemoon said...

I'm sure you have a erroneously displayed, somewhere.

stanley said...

I am also wondering how a line of flags is put up between two blocks of flats.

Icemoon said...

The wind must be quite strong on the rooftop. I'm thinking the line will just fly like a kite - and you catch it at the other end.

Victor said...

>how did they get the line of flags between two blocks?

I think it could be done this way:

First, someone goes up to the rooftop of one block, secures one end of the the string of flags to some fixture on the rooftop and then lowers to the ground floor the other end of the string. After that someone goes up to the 2nd block and also lower a string to the ground floor. A person on the ground floor gathers the 2 ends of string and ties them together. After that, the person on the rooftop of the 2nd block simply pulls up the string of flag and then secures the other end to some rooftop fixture. Done. Possible?

yg said...

victor, i think you got it. that's a plausible explanation of how it was done. i was also thinking along the same line.