Sunday, July 12, 2009

one thousand fingers

at d'kranji farm resort, located at neo tiew lane 2, you can view two bunches of an uncommon species of banana called the 1000 fingers. i read somewhere that the stalk, which is more than a metre long, will continue to grow and add fruit till it touches the ground. (i was told that you can see them at the desaru's fruit farm in johor.)

the bananas, which are around 5cm long, are seedless, sweet and have a pleasant flavour.

i remember receiving an email - i think it was from nah - extolling the benefits of eating bananas.

it seems bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose.

a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. it is no wonder that it is the number fruit with the world's leading athletes.

this unique tropical fruit is extremely rich in potassium yet low in salt, making it perfect to beat blood pressure.

bananas are best eaten when they are very ripe (mature). you should not keep bananas in the refrigerator because they lose their flavour very quickly.

when we were young and when we constipated, my mother would buy bananas for us to eat. there seems to be some truth in this home remedy because the high fibre in the banana helps in bowel movement.

eating bananas make you as happy (or as cheeky) as a monkey. some chemical found in the banana puts you in a good mood.


Victor said...

That's an interesting bunch of bananas. 1,000 bananas clustered together to form the shape of a giant banana. Humour from nature. Hmm... maybe I should write a poem about it. :p

nah said...

Here is an incredible pisang dance.
Many years ago, after the completion of a tortured 4-year course, we decided to head to ‘Mecinta’ in JB for some fun. That evening, we were entertained by numerous ‘Tiger’ shows. In one of the act, a ‘Tigress’ whipped out a pisang rajah. Next minute, this huge pisang was out of sight, sucked down under. Then, with some erotic moves and using ‘lye kang’ the vanished pisang appeared, not as one long piece, but chopped and thrown out piece by piece with each body jerk. I wondered, what would have happened if your pisang was in there?

yg said...

nah, what 'lye kang', lah. she must have been exercising her kegel muscles.

peter said...

I too wonder whether due to stomach muscles to control or not. One time I saw a) opening coke bottle cap (Then I could not drink coke for 3 months), b) holding paint brush to do oil panting.

OK back to proeprt talk. What is the type of pisang used for goreng pisang. Not all bananas serve the same purporse.

yg said...

peter, actually any type of banana can be used for pisang goreng. you can use the enormous ones called pisang tanduk or the sweet ones called pisang rajah. some people use the over-ripe ones while some prefer those that are not fully ripe. when it comes to bananas, somehow, people have their own preferences.

Anonymous said...

i want seedlings of this. im from the philippines. how can i have seedlings? pls send me some my name is vic, mobile no. is - +639194914740 many thanks and god bless....