Wednesday, July 29, 2009

is this the ntuc outlet in the video?

Wah, this must be the other extreme - hundreds of photos but only one quiz question?

acting on the complaint from my friend, this morning, i decided to change my routine. instead of walking at rural kranji or sembawang, i took the bus to a built-up area so that i could take the above photograph and add one more question to the one posed earlier here.

you may have seen this ntuc fairprice outlet. it looks similar to the one featured in the video clip 'things so singaporean'. however, there are some differences. can you spot them?

question: where is this ntuc fairprice outlet?


Dan said...


This is the NTUC Outlet at Blk 451 Clementi Ave 3. In the background, you can see the Polyclinic Logo. The signboard of block 451 is different - oval but oblong in your photo. The NTUC signboard seems to be a bigger one. Given, that you took the photo at a different and closer angle. I can't spot other differences other than the positions of the shrubs, tree trunk and trees.


Victor said...

YG, I have another complaint (a thing that's so Singaporean), i.e. you should have erased away the block number. After all, how many NTUC Fairprice outlets are there in Singapore? Internet-savvy persons like Dan can always Google and find this page, then click on "Locations" and voila, the whole list of NTUC outlets is displayed. After that, it is a simple job of searching for the Block number 451.

Now that I have got that off my chest, let me point out 1 major difference - the NTUC logo is a new one now - and it appears in 2 places in the photo.

yg said...

victor, the block (451) sign has a green background in the video clip. in the photo, the squarish block near the roof is not an ntuc logo; it is the logo for k-box.

yg said...

so, dan, could my photo and the one in the video clip be of the same ntuc fairprice outlet?

Dan said...


Yg, it is the same NTUC Fairprice outlet.

Only recently, I have been reading your blog and have found the articles very interesting, diverse and informative.

Thanks, for taking time in keeping your blog fresh and updated with new information, photographs, happenings and quizzes.


Lam Chun See said...

Victor. Your complaint is not justified. Since this type of quiz does not carry and prizes, and is merely to test our knowledge of Spore, it defeats the purpose to go to so much trouble just to get the answer as well as spoil the fun.

I think at most we should check or search if we already have some hypothesis that this is such and such a place.

Well that's just my opinion.