Friday, July 17, 2009

kolam ayer abc waterfront

what does abc stand for? it stands for active, beautiful and clean (water). today, i went back to the kolam ayer abc waterfront and saw a number of pleasing and interesting additions to this beautiful stretch of water from bendemeer to the kallang mrt station. the water was already quite clean even before the marina barrage was completed. i used to see shoals of fish darting about in the kallang river, the longest river in singapore.

i took bus service 67 and stopped near the kallang mrt station. from there i walked to the pcn that actually connects bishan park to the kallang riverside park, a distance of nearly 7km. there were a lot of flags fluttering by the side of the river and on the bridge across the river. no, they were not national day decorations put up by the residents' committee of that area. i think they were displayed by the taoist temple (chwee kang beo - shui jiang miao) for some religious festivity.

across the bridge from the temple are some octagonal-shaped buildings that reminded me of my visit to china. these are industrial storerooms and warehouses which have been around for sometime already.

there are disruptions to the path at two points along this stretch of the connector where you have to cross the road at traffic light pedestrian crossings to rejoin the path.

soon the the kallang vista come into view. these blocks of hdb flats, by the edge of the water, are nearing completion. these days, it is not easy to tell if they are private condominiums or hdb flats because of the better design and finish and also the name - river vista at kallang.

the floating deck is the focal point along the walk. "the floating deck is a dynamic structure that moves with the water level. by following the water movement, the deck stays close to the water surface. activities such as morning exercises or festive celebrations can take place on the deck or one can simply enjoy the scenery of the riverside on the deck". the last time i was there, it was not even under construction. how fast things change in singapore!

it is not only the deck that is floating, there are also troughs of plants floating by the side of the deck. it is a pity that some people do not realise that to enjoy the place, you have to keep it clean. there are empty cigarette packs, bread wrappers and tissue papers on the deck and by the edge of the water.

children will enjoy the two mechanical devices used for drawing water from the river - the archimedes screw and the water wheel. they are working models.


Lam Chun See said...

Thanks for sharing this info. Must check out this place. I used to go to Kallang River Park very often when my kids were young. While they played on the beach, I would go jogging (to prepare for my IPPT).

Later when the kids grew up, I used to go there in the evening for brisk walking when I fetch my son from his kayaking trg at SDBA - that was before they shifted to MacRitchie. Chuck used to go with me. We would walk from stadium car park to the Marina Bay up to the point under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. I recommend your readers to try it sometime. The view and the air is terrific.

PChew said...

One of the octagonal-shaped building was a canteen within the single storey industrial estate at Kallang Place. They have all been marked for demolition. Kolam Ayer was a road name and the access was from Serangoon Road beside the former Fire Station. The other end of Kolam Ayer was a dumping ground. The Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate is built on a dumping ground.

yg said...

chun see, i have walked part of that stretch before, passing the golden mile complex and ending up at the s'pore flyer.

yg said...

mr chew, i remember the narrow alley that led to the houses at kolam ayer. i used to visit an ex-colleague who lived in kolam ayer. i didn't know the octagonal-shaped buildings have been marked for demolition.

seenthisscenethat said...

The children's 'toys' certainly look inviting. Will consider bringing my kids there. I may also try out my training there for the SAFRA Bay Run. Thanks for sharing.

yg said...

stst, i look forward to see the superb pictures that you will post on your blog after your visit to the place. i always admire the way you compose your shots.

PChew said...

yg, I am not sure if we are on the same wavelength. In 1960s the single storey terraced houses at Jalan Kolam Ayer were City Council labourers quarters. They had been demolished and together with the dumping ground formed Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate. The octangonal shaped buildings are at Kallang Place, a different location from Jalan Kolam Ayer. Maybe the whole area is now known as Kolam Ayer Constituency.

yg said...

mr chew, my friend lived in some kampong houses at kolam ayer, definitely not single storey terraced houses. i do not really know the exact location but i guess it may be the geylang bahru area today the side nearer to the river.

PChew said...

yg, besides the few blocks of terraced houses, there were attap/zince roof houses here and there as in a kampong. Further into the kampong was a wet market and the access was nearer fom Lorong 3 Geylang. Perhaps laukokok can help us with his old street directory.