Thursday, June 18, 2009

wicked, the musical @ regent theatre

on friday night, we took the train from huntingdale station to flinders station in the city. we went to regent theatre on little collins street to watch the much acclaimed broadway musical ' wicked'. ivy has been waxing lyrical about this musical; according to her it is the best musical she has ever watched.

the tickets, which we had booked online, were priced at aus$112 each and these stall seats placed us somewhere in the middle of the theatre. we were the rare ones; all around us the rest of the audience comprised caucasian, aussies or otherwise.

in spite of the h1ni situation in melbourne, the performance was played to a full house. i would not say it was the best musical but i would say i enjoyed the performance. i had enjoyed les miserables and miss saigon (both musicals, i watched twice) more. i would even placed the phantom of the opera one notch above 'wicked'.

i stole a shot of the props in the theatre before the performance began. the regent theatre was built in 1929 and had undergone rebuilding at least three times. at one time the government wanted to tear down the building but it relented when the people protested. it would have been a real waste if the authorities had demolished this glorious building.

as i said earlier, i was moved when watching les miserables and miss saigon but not this musical. also, the songs were not as stirring as say, those in les miserables. after so many years, i can still remember the tunes and lyrics of some of the songs in les miz.

all in all, i will still think it is worth watching again if it goes to singapore.


Anonymous said...

Wow your daughters are hot. Did you get them some wicked broadway theatre tickets for the Melbourne show? I hope so, they would have a nice time there, it's quite an experience.

Yu-Kym said...

i loved le mis too! it's my all time fav. i liked ms saigon too. phantom was jus so-so for me.

yg said...

anonymous, my daughters had watched the musical 'wicked' before i came over to melbourne.

TaylorSwift said...

As many of Musicals lovers I LOVE the Wicked! It is my favourite ever... Last year I’ve been in NY & I tried to get my ticket …guess what everything was sold out that show how great the show is. Anyhow I end up getting it from a site through Next week I’m going to visit my sister and I just got some pretty good tix from the same place

So I'll be analyzing as well as enjoying the show.