Monday, June 8, 2009

the h1n1 situation in melbourne

i am now in melbourne where the number of h1n1 cases has shot past 800 compared to the mere 15 cases in singapore.  however, looking around as you move about the city, you do not sense any feeling of anxiety among the people, both local and visitors.  everything goes on as per normal.  it is not as though the people are complacent; it is the way they look upon it - they treat just like the seasonal flu.

anyway, i am staying in the south-eastern part of melbourne whereas most of the reported cases of h1n1 are in the north of melbourne.  however, the people know that it is a matter of time before it spreads further. 

on my flight to melbourne, i had expected at least some cases of cancellation but instead mine was a full flight.  i did see a few passengers wearing the surgical kind of masks but none was wearing the n95 type.  at melbourne airport, they have set up thermal scanners but everyone seems to breeze through.

the medical authorities here in melbourne treat h1n1 just like the normal flu.  except for those cases with complications who may require hospitalisation, most of the affected patients were asked to return home after receiving their medication. the doctors do advise them to stay at home so as to minimize contact with other people.

it is winter in melbourne and temperature has been hovering around 10 degrees celcius. it has also been raining since i got there.

this afternoon when we were at ikea, the swedish furniture store, it was as crowded as a weekend because today is a public holiday - the queen's (of england) birthday.  i did not see a single person wearing the mask.


Victor said...

Be prepared to be quarantined for 1 week when you come back hor. That means no morning walks with your camera, looking out for places to blog about. :p

yg said...

victor, looks like quite a number of people will have to be quarantined; i have met quite a number of singaporeans visiting or holidaying in melbourne.
over here in melbourne, everything is as per normal. yesterday, when i was at ikea, the place seemed more crowded than our ikea on a sunday.
on friday night, i will be exposing myself to possible infection again - will be watching the musical 'wicked' in a packed theatre.

yg said...
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Icemoon said...

Victor, when yg's consecutive 7 postings are about durians or pak-tor spots, we know he has been quarantined. LOL