Tuesday, June 9, 2009

house at waverley park, mulgrave

we arrived in melbourne on the day my two daughters moved into their new house at waverley park. it is a 3-bedroom terrace house, very near to the sir kenneth luke stadium, home to the hawthorns.

the house was bought by my elder daughter and her husband-to-be.

my younger daughter, who is finishing her 2nd year of studies at monash university, clayton campus, stays with her sister. meantime, until they are married, my daughter's fiance will continue to put up at his rented place nearby.

while they were house-hunting and found this place, they were undecided because the price was higher than similar houses in other areas. i had told them if they liked the house, they should go ahead and buy it. anyway, the price is about the same as our hdb flat in singapore. a terrace house like this, in this kind of locality would cost at least s$1.5 million in singapore.

we like this place. there are facilities for recreation and exercise. the bus-stop, where my younger girl takes a bus to monash university, is about 150m away. there is a nice view of the dandenong mountains.

their home is just next the hawthorn football club stadium which has an oval field and a 550-metre track surrounding the oval. there are 3-storey residential houses overlooking the oval, some of which are occupied and some still under construction.


Icemoon said...

yg prefer marsupial to merlion? Exodus for the Ong family .. oh no!

Victor said...

Icemoon, YG is rooted here by the carrot which our gahmen dangles in front of him.

Lam Chun See said...

Houses may be cheap down there, but durians sure very expensive one?

Quickly come back and take up my challenge ok!

Icemoon said...

Victor, what carrot? You mean the old pension scheme for civil servants? Maybe he chose the one-shot option leh.

Victor said...

Rooted by the root "carrot" - the pension, the medical benefit for life...

Ian said...

icemoon, you are right. i chose the lump sum option, which on hindsight, did not seem like a very wise move. most men opt for the one-shot pay-out.
victor is partially right...the carrot is my full medical benefits. s'pore is still my home, even if i am offered similar benefits by the australian government, i will still want to spend more time in s'pore than anywhere else.
chun see, you can get frozen durians in melbourne. it is usually the thai variety and i am sure they cost many times more than back home.

Anonymous said...


I read a post on your other blog:
Your story brings back memories.
I request your permission to modify and use it for a lesson unit for my English class. I may be reached at lee.pcangel@gmail.com
Thank you.

yg said...

hi anonymous, feel free to use the materials in whichever way you like for your english lesson. thks for visiting my blogs.

yg said...

icemoon, victor and chun see, no, i have not adopted the name 'ian' in melbourne; i did not realise that i had logged in using ian's account.

Victor said...

Yg, let me make a guess: Ian is your elder daughter's fiance?

yg said...

victor, ya. by some coincidence, his name starts with the letter 'i' and has 3 letters like my two girls, ivy and ida.

Anonymous said...

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