Tuesday, June 2, 2009

nice, undisturbed spot for pak tor-ying

"by the way, the high ground from where you took the photo looks interesting. eh, is it a pak-tor spot?"

this seems like an indirect way of asking victor - the pak-tor king? - to recommend places for the questioner to indulge in this love-to-marriage partnership activity.

the place from which victor took the picture is definitely not a pak-tor spot because it is out of bounds to members of the public.

this reminds me of an old couple, friends of mine - they are now in their 70s - reminiscing about their pak-tor days. "at first, he took me to the park and the beach but as we progressed in our pak-tor-ying, he took me to darker and darker places. the darker, the better."

i will recommend this place to you but it is not dark. anyway, you cannot go there in the night, unless you get special permission, because it closes at 7.00 p.m.

if you go on a week-day, you will normally have the whole place to yourselves (just the two of you). the environment is peaceful and you have nature all around you. you can watch the birds or look at each other. you may end up with bites here and there but that is expected of this kind of activity in this kind of surroundings.

hello, i am talking about mosquito bites. go prepared; take along protections. from the weather, like an umbrella or a cap; from mosquitoes and other insects, the insect spray; and binoculars (to look at the real lovebirds) and a bottle of water. this time of the year, most of the birds have migrated north but you may still see some laggards, those who have been left behind.

i am recommending the aerie or the tower hide at sungei buloh wetland reserve. you get to be close to nature, have the whole place to yourselves and look in the same direction - at the johor skyline - together. if you have to choose, i will say that the aerie is a better choice because you are not visible from the ground. there are also two low benches at the aerie for your use.


peter said...

In my time, I think these were some of the better "secluded" spots if you have no car and need to rely on public transport:

1. King George V Park - behind the National Theater (day and night possible)
2. Pasir Panjang Park
3. Below Merdeka Bridge@Nicoll Highway
4. Pearl's Hill

If got own car:

1. Duxford Road
2. Kallang Park
3. ECP (before 1980)
4. Teluk Paku Road (before 1980)
5. Seletar Reservoir
6. Old Upper Thomson Road (Upper Pierce Reservoir)
7. Sembawang Park

Am I correct YG? Did I miss more?

yg said...

peter, you left out chun see's favourite spot - macitchy, i mean, macritchie reservoir.
victor, you'd btter come out with a longer list, otherwise the title will have to go to peter.

yg said...

peter, isn't king george v park (ong keh sua kar), fort canning? the old esplanade/queen elizabeth walk was also popular with hand-holding couples. those with cars also headed for changi coast road.

Yu-Kym said...

Hi yg, I wanted to nominate your blog for S'pore blog awards Best Lifestyle Blog but I don't have your email address. Here's the link to register your blog http://blog.omy.sg/sgblogawards. I'll definitely vote for yours!

yg said...

hi yu-kym, thanks for your encouragement and support. i will think about it.

Victor said...

I concede defeat to Peter. I only know of Seletar Reservoir and the back seat of my first car, wherever the engine happened to stall with a beautiful girl in the passenger seat.

But I must admit, when you are almost 1.8 m tall, it is kinda difficult to get bites (mosquitos' or otherwise) in a contorted position.

kiatsan said...

Hi Mr Ong, I think I will be good for you to give it a try for the S'pore Blog Awards. Who knows, you may be the one to walk away with the 1st prize and more people will get to read your interesting blog posts. haha I will definitely support you too if u register. Ü

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Icemoon said...

I think ong keh sua kar must be "the foot of the royal hill" - wang2 jia1 shan1 jiao3.

yg said...

hi kiatsan and yu-kym, one of my walking kakis/former students (from balestier hill sec) has nominated my blog for the award.

yg said...

victor, you mean mosquitoes have a preference; they go for short things, i mean, short people.

peter said...


I mean places that "go beyond holdings...." Even Jurong drive-in Cinema not counted.

Of course nowdays couples book hotels and chalets for minimum 2 hours or 1/2 day. Not too long ago in the early 1990s, Downtown East (when it was known as NTUC Resort) was also very popular for 1/2 day booking.

One time when there were no street lights on ECP stretch towards the Sheares Bridge, the highways was not opened to public and those huge oil drums were used as road blocks, I saw a car sliding backwards. I leave you to bguess what was happening inside as the windows were "frosted". Then everybody turned on their headlights and a big commotion started. The car that rolled backwards hit the bumper of a staionery car. Most Singaporeans will start to argue over who is responsible for "accident" and liability but in this case, nobody argued......nobody even step out of the car to investigate. Highly unusual!

yg said...

peter, you should read a report of this incident which was reported in the chinese papers.

Lam Chun See said...

I should clarify that I only go to MacRitchie quite often in recent years becos I am such a good father ok? I go there to fetch my son from his kayaking trg and take the opportunity to do my brisk-walking exercise. The person I 'par tor' with most at this place is my old friend and brisk walking partner Chuck.

yg said...

chun see, you are not only a good father; you are also good at multi-tasking: you were (i)there to give support to your son; (ii)looking after your own health; and (iii) meeting up with your buddy chuck. you would agree that macritchie is one of your favourite places?

Victor said...

Peter, what were you doing at that part of the ECP at that time?

Victor said...

Wah that story is so hot, YG. I guess you could say that she bit off more than she could chew. The heat of the moment must have got her fired in the end. And to think that it happened in Singapore! Geez!

peter said...

Why she needs to use her teeth to do the job? Did she use her dentures? Very strange. Obviously wrong technique.


I like to explore unexplored places in Singapore. In this case to see the Sheares Bridge from the Tg Rhu side. Honest answer!

yg said...

peter, when the thing is engulfed by the mouth, the teeth will be in contact with the meat. i imagine that when the van hit her boss' car, they were in the back-seat and her back was facing the van. the impact could have thrown her forward and she involuntarily bit into the meat.