Sunday, June 7, 2009

answer to 'one tree hill at bukit panjang'

i am sure that when i get back to singapore at the end of this month, the tree in question (why did they leave this tree alone?) will not be standing anymore.  it will have served its purpose and like all old things in singapore will have to make way for development.

up to today, no one has given the correct answer to the reason for its stay of execution.  it has been spared because some the people involved were waiting to enjoy the fruit of its labour.  this is the durian season - yes, it is a durian tree - and these people just could not bear to 'kill the goose that lays the golden eggs'.  

they have been waiting to gather its fruits and when there are no more 'golden eggs' to savour, they will not hesitate to fell the tree.


stanley said...

Where is the exact location of this durian tree.Are there many fruits ready for picking or they have to be dropped first from the tree.

yg said...

stanley, the durian tree is found on the piece of cleared land between senja way and woodlands road.

peter said...

Very soon, Chun See will "challenge" you about durian trees.