Sunday, March 29, 2009

women are more health conscious than men?

from my casual observations, i tend to get the impression that women look after their health better than men. i meet more women walking at the parks than men and whenever i come across a group doing some workout or organised exercise, invariably, the women in the group will outnumber the men. in quite a number of cases, it is an all-women group, like the one above.

men tend to gather at coffee shops, void decks and pavilions, like the one above, to talk shop. if you listen in on their conversations, you may be forgiven for thinking that they should be the one earning the millions because they appear to have more solutions to our woes and financial problems than our millionaire ministers.

that is not to say that women do not talk shop at coffee shops or food centres. i have also seen groups of housewives gossiping away, usually after the have finished buying their groceries.

this may be the reason why women generally outlive men. however, in terms of participation in sports and games, men appear to be more involved, especially among those in the youth age group.

my perception may be wrong because i have not checked out places like the gym and the swimming pool. however, from what i have heard, more and more women are signing up for fitness courses and more women than men have personal trainers.

from focusing on fitness to reading food labels, women are more interested than men when it comes to health issues. a new study by experian simmons research shows the gender differences.


stanley said...

It's true women nowadays are more health conscious and they generally outlive the men.

Lam Chun See said...

I know of a group of men from my neighbourhood who participate actively in football.

Every time a goal is scored, I can hear them shouting even though the coffee shop is at least 300m from my house.

But on a more serious note; I think your observations may be a bit biased becos you are a retiree. Hence you may not go to the parks like MacRitchie after office hours. I notice that in the evenings, say around 5 to 7, most of the joggers are men.

Icemoon said...

Plus the fact young men need to pass IPPT. Must train running.

fr said...

I think women, especially more elder ones, don't like to exercise alone in public. They find comfort and security in groups.

yg said...

fr, what you say is generally true but i do see some women walking alone.

peter said...

Women need to keep pace with "over-eager" elderly men; so must stay fit.

I just heard from my doctor-friend that a couple in their early 70s still going strong. The doctor did a testosterone test and found that some elderly men have it as high as a a young man of 20.

yg said...

peter, have you been tested? i believe you are still experiencing a full 'morning glory'.