Tuesday, March 17, 2009

trek from bukit panjang to terentang trail

we started our walk from chestnut avenue at bukit panjang at slighty after 8.00 a.m. we took the mountain bike trail to reach rifle range road, the only stretch where we had to walk on paved road.

rifle range road comes to a dead end with some factories on the left. on the right is the start of the rifle range link. today, i discovered a shorter alternative route to get to the treetop walk. you could leave you car at this dead end (of the road) to start your walk.

although it was going to be a longer walk than normal, we did not rush. we stopped to take pictures of two veiled stinkhorn mushrooms and some other unidentified mushrooms. at one point we had to cross a stream in our path. victor had his umbrella doubling as a support and walking stick. my feet got damp because the soles on both my walking shoes came off.

at the other end of the rifle range link, we saw this small, worn structure near a creek. the place looked familiar to me as i recalled having stopped at a place like this many years ago when i took my students on a hike from macritchie to bukit timah.

i have always seen the signboards pointing to the jelutong tower but had up to now not checked it out. as it was along the route, i decided to climb to the top to have a look. i had imagined that you would have to climb a tree to get to the top of the tower but it turned out to be similar to the towers at sungei buloh and chek jawa.

at the rangers' station, where we made a toilet stop, we saw this small skink which looked a little different from the usual bigger ones that i often meet on my walks. it did not slink away, instead it remained still on the log, even as i was photographing it.

from there, we took terentang trail, intending to join the macritchie trail and to make it all the way to the reserevoir. however, the threatening weather made us decide to cut short the trek and so we ended up at upper thomson road, from where we took bus service 855 to yishun interchange.

along the terentang trail, jason was looking out all the time for some markers which would show him the route to the shinto shrine.

today, we covered a distance of slighty over 10km.


peter said...

I used to think there was a covered reservoir somewhere inside Rifle Range Road (Manure Reservoir??????). Is the building still there?

yg said...

yes, the covered reservoir is still around. you can access it by kg chantek rd or rifle range rd. it is called the murnane reservoir.

KoLe said...

chanced upon your blog.
Is the gentleman in the photo Mr Victor S.