Saturday, March 7, 2009

how to eat your passionfruit

i normally buy my passionfruit from spring orchard, a farm located at lim chu kang lane 4. this farm is more well-known for its dragon fruit, the red variety. no, it is not cheaper than buying from the ntuc supermarkets or sheng siong. the prices are about the same - $5.00 a kilogram. i usually buy 1/2 a kilo, which amounts to about 9 fruits.

the farm sells the purple variety, which is the same as that which is grown in chun see's garden. i think those sold at ntuc and sheng siong supermarkets and other places come mainly from thailand and malaysia.

the fruit of the purple passionfruit is sweeter and less acidic than the yellow ones, which chun see referred to as 'buah su su'.

the passionfruit is a good source of ascorbic acid (vitamin c) and carotenoids (vitamin a). there are also traces of vitamin e, k and b6. in terms of minerals, it is high in potassium and iron.

when i eat the fruit, i always eat everything - the pulp and the seeds, excluding the skin. the seeds are a good source of fibre.

when buying the fruit, choose the largest fruit available. usually, i chill them by leaving them in the fridge. you can tell that the fruit is ripe when it deflates slightly or when the skin creases.

now, we come to the part about how to eat the fruit. cut the fruit into half using a sharp knife. use a metal spoon to scoup out the pulp (with the seeds). you can use the pulp as topping for ice-cream.

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Lam Chun See said...

Actually we just plant it for fun. It's very satisfying to see the tree grow and bear flowers/fruits. And of course for photos and blogging.

In terms of actual yield, it is not worth the trouble and much cheaper to just buy it from the market.