Tuesday, March 10, 2009

high tide @ sungei buloh wetland reserve

today, at sungei buloh, the water-level was so high that it almost touched the spine of the bridge

the vinegar crabs came out of their holes/mounds as they had no choice but to stay above the waterline

the giant mudskippers found some floating wood/roots, so as to stay afloat, away from predators

the normally shy monitor lizard had to move onto the paths or stay on land away from the rivers and streams

even the snails had to find some place dry, like the top of some granite rock or the trunk of a tree

the ketapang tree with its golden leaves looked so beautiful with the sun rays coming from behind

however, it is a pity i was unable to capture the special effect of the sun with my digital camera

the ketapang trees (there are actually two such trees) seen from the other end of the bridge

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