Saturday, September 5, 2009

where is this campus?

when i first saw this banner, i did a double check to see if the word 'singapore' appeared anywhere on it. even then, i find it misleading. however, if you can read mandarin, which i cannot, then you will know that it is associated with a university in the united states of america.

quiz question: where, in singapore, is this campus?


Andy Young* said...

You are good, really. Where is it?

yg said...

andy, your good friend victor (of taking up the challenge) will be googling for the answer when he sees the question.

NU-Asia said...

Glad you found us. We can be contacted at We are at 300 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee Singapore 169566. Visit our website for more information.

No age limit for admission.

yg said...

no more need to google.

peter said...

I don't want to call it "misleading" but having told that they exist and that there is a web site, I tried my luck. Golly you know what, my first impression was it was linked to NUS, our own National University of Singapore because there is the word "Singapore next to National" in their logo.

The next big surprise, you cannot enlarge the window to see a bigger photo of this web site. You need to use the horizontal and vertical scroll bar to read what's on their web site. I wonder why?

Victor said...

Peter, to see the NU-Asia website in a full window, you need to right click on the link and then choose "open in new window". Then maximise window. (If you are still using Netscape, then it might be a bit different.)

YG, your photo of the "red leaf palm" in your sidebar looks uncannily like my mast lighting.