Thursday, September 3, 2009

pictorial answers to 'who was wallace'?

1 where is the wallace education centre located?

what is full name of this place?

who was wallace?

alfred russel wallace, naturalist

where are the two designated car-parks?

junction upper bukit timah road and dairy farm road

near petir road and dairy farm road junction


Uncle Phil said...

If not for working in the forestry,I wouldn't have the slightest clue who is this English naturalist. It is nice that he is recognised in Singapore and to have an eductional centre named after him. He was the first to noticed and describe the great divide (the Wallace Line)between the two great faunal regions and the boundary, defined by a deepwatergap between them. West of the line, group such as the hornbills, primates (monkeys and orang utan) prenominated. On the eastern side, marsupials, cockatoos, bird of paradise. The line cuts the Bali Island and Lombok Island into two different groups even they are only a stone throw away.

yg said...

phil, thks for this very intersting bit of information.

Seen This Scene That said...

Looking forward to visit this place when it is opened to the public.

yg said...

hi stst, it was supposed to open in may 2009. wonder what's the cause of the delay.

yg said...

hi stst, the dairy farm nature park has finally opened - on 5 sept 09

Admin said...

yes yg, I read about it in the papers.