Thursday, September 17, 2009

another waterfront park in the making

now that the dairy farm nature park has finally been opened to the public, i am looking forward to the completion of another nparks project in the north of singapore - the woodlands waterfront promenade. i enjoy following the progress of the work at such sites. i will go back once in a while (few months) to update myself on the development. this was my second visit since they hoarded up the place.

they had already hoarded up the entire stretch of the proposed promenade, and construction works started a few months back. looks like the old path will be replaced by a boardwalk that will extend over the water of the straits. the skyline of johor bahru will be just a bit nearer and more visible.

work on the vacant land at the end of the promenade had started earlier. there will be picnic areas, fitness corners and playgrounds for children. included is also a nature trail which will link up with the one at admiralty park, located just across the road.


Andy Young* said...

Hi yg, You take time and trouble to document the changes in Singapore's landscape. Really great! I have still to visit these places you and Victor mention.

yg said...

andy, i think the nparks is doing a great job in creating and transforming the open spaces for us to enjoy. we should take advantage of all these wonderful facilities and amenities.