Monday, May 11, 2009

low tide at sungei buloh wetland reserve

so, we know at high-tide, we can see the tree-climbing crabs on the trees, the mud-skippers are also onto something that keep them afloat and the monitor lizards tend to be moving on the tracks rather than on the mud-banks.

what then would you see when the tide is down?

i used to prefer going to sungei buloh wetland when the tide was out. because all my previous sightings of the otters (until the last one) were made when the water level in the river/sea was low. that was the reason for my preference (of going to sungei buloh at low tide).

the staff at sungei buloh also concur with my observation. one of them told me that the otters usually make their appearance when the tide starts to go down. the three places where i have seen the otters are the sandspit off platform 1, near the mouth of sungei buloh besar and the pond after station 5.

at low tide, the crocodiles look-alike can be found on the muddy banks of the rivers stalking their prey. the monitor lizards appear to be more active at low tide or is it because they are more visible at that time?

the stray dogs tend to be seen more at low tide. i usually see them, sometimes as many as ten of them, at low tide near station 5. they move to the other parts of the reserve when the water level rises.

when the water level is low, the bigger fish become more visible. at high tide, they have more places to hide, so they can be anywhere but at low tide, they keep to the edge and because it is shallow at that time, you can see lots of them. i can identify only the tilipias and the milk fish. the other big fish, i not so sure of their species.

what about the birds, you may ask. this fellow goes to a bird sanctuary and he looks at everything except the birds. when the tide is high, the birds, especially the cattle egrets stay on the trees but when the tide is low, they come down to the mud banks and even the river beds.


Lam Chun See said...

Have you seen the archer fish. Those at Sungei Buloh are quite big.

yg said...

yes, the banded and spotted archers.