Sunday, May 3, 2009

3-in-1 quiz - buildings

around tanglin road

(1) what used to be at the corner of tanglin road and nassim hill before it became friven and company flagship store in singapore?

(2) the service that was provided at this address (56 tanglin road), is it still available at the same address?

across the road - there used to be a tanglin circus - where these blocks of modern apartments now stand there was a hotel. the hotel was known by one name when it first started, later it changed its name.

(3) what were the two names?

(4) what was the name of the popular 'hawker centre' that was located behind tudor court?


Lam Chun See said...

Part of the answers found here.

Do try to answer first before going to this site.

Victor said...

I only know partial answers (without referring to the site given by LCS).

3) The earlier name of the hotel was Malaysia Hotel(?). The later name of the was Marco Polo.

4) Rasa Singapura.

passerby said...

Only young enough to remember #1 - it was an old Singapore Post office, if I remember correctly?... the old police HQ or something is on the left.

peter said...

1st - Tanglin Post Office

2nd photo - Marco Polo Hotel but before that was Hotel Malaysia.

3rd photo - Rasa Singapore was the hawker center behind the Tudor Court

yg said...

hi passerby, the tanglin police divisional hq was between the post office and the gleneagles hospital.

yg said...

alamak! next time, need to check to make sure the quiz questions have not been asked before. peter sure know the answers because he used to perform at the hotel. victor also got 3 out of 4; however, malaysia hotel should be hotel malaysia.

peter said...

That stretch of Tanglin Road used to have a SHELL petrol station. FIAT Sharikat Bhd (owned by the late Khoo teck Puat family), GINO's A-Go-Go, the first Italian disco cum restaurant in Singapore, Hack's cough Singapore distributor (forgot the Arab name).

peter said...

Do you know what was Tudor House used for in the 1970s?

Anonymous said...

It is the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board?

peter said...

Yes, tourism board anonymous