Monday, May 25, 2009

how would you feel if you were
unceremoniously dumped?

after serving people faithfully at the supermarket, how would you feel if you were dumped like this? this trolley ended up in a drain near the zhenghua park. those who push one of these trolleys home are really committing theft in broad daylight. or do some of them do it under the cover of darkness, at night?

how this chair ended up in an area which is home to birds, snakes, skinks and wild boars is a mystery. this executive chair ended up in some secondary forest at neo tiew lane 2. what did this chair do to deserve such treatment?

lest i be condemned as a lazy old blogger, let me state categorically that this is not a quiz.

anyway, there is one adult quiz on the way.


peter said...

U gave me an idea. I should start taking photos what residents in private estates do when it comes to unwanted furniture and newspapers.

Victor said...

Wah, adult quiz! I just can't wait. I am good at all things adult.

Icemoon said...

Wah, the chair can use for bird or even boar watching .. heehee

Adult quiz?? Like where is this (naughty) massage located?!

fr said...

yg: Haha, definitely you not lazy lah ... yours is the most frequently updated blog I've come across

Wah! everyone so excited about your adult quiz, so don't disappoint them.

Lam Chun See said...

I have blogged about this type of problem in my other blog, My 5S Corner. I think I will link to this post of yours.

Once I saw a trolley belonging to Giant Supermarket @ Turf City along Eng Neo Ave. I think it was more than 1 km from the supermarket itself!

Lam Chun See said...

Just like those dishonest drivers who make inflated insurance claims and thus cause us to pay higher premiums, these buggers are causing us to pay higher prices at the supermarkets.

yg said...

chun see, there is one more party contributing to this inflated insurance claims - the repair workshop. my friend's car was involved in a minor accident and it was sent to a so-called approved workshop. apart from replacing the affected parts, the workshop also suggested to him to replace a door which was slighted dented in a previous accident. after all, the insurance company would pay the bill, the workshop's person reasoned.

fr said...

yg: I think this is not possible if the car has been sent to IDAC first, and the door is not indicated in the report.

yg said...

fr, i am not so sure about the details. that was what my friend told me. according to my friend, the dent was not significant enough to warrant repair and he had left it alone. could it be, that when they photographed the car, that dent was also included.