Monday, May 4, 2009

answers to 3-in-1 quiz
(buildings around tanglin)

question: what used to be at the corner of tanglin road and nassim hill before it became friven and company flagship store in singapore?

picture from national archives of singapore

answer: the tanglin post office

according to the 1969 guide and street directory, it would seem that the original tanglin post office - which occupied a 2-storey colonial building - was on the other side of the road, where tudor court is today. in its vicinity were a malay school and a mosque.

question: the service that was provided at this address (56 tanglin road), is it still available at the same address?

answer: yes.

postal services are still available at the tanglin post office which has been relegated to a small corner of the building.

across the road - there used to be a tanglin circus - where these blocks of modern apartments now stand there was a hotel. the hotel was known by one name when it first started, later it changed its name.

question: what were the two names?

answer: hotel malaysia and marco polo hotel.

(4) what was the name of the popular 'hawker centre' that was located behind tudor court?

photo from national archives of singapore

answer: rasa singapura

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