Monday, January 19, 2009

more old cars in kuching

please refer to chun see's blog on old beauties at kuching. here are two more cars from kuching to add to the list. the car to identify in the first picture is the white car. the other car, in the picture below, is metallic grey.

the first car should pose no problem but the second car may be a bit tricky because we did not have many cars of this model in singapore. it was more popular in malaysia.


peter said...

white - honda civic
gre- Nissan Bluebird

next time make photo bigger - strain on eye lah

Victor said...

I thought the silver car looked like an old model of Nissan Sunny.

Lam Chun See said...

Same answer as Peter for me.

yg said...

peter, sorry about the small image. i didn't take those pictures; they were taken by my proxy, my elder daughter.

yg said...

i was right. you all did not any problem identifying the honda civic. i was also right about the second car being tricky. it's not a bluebird or a sunny; it's a datsun 130y.