Saturday, January 3, 2009

beauty in nature

which kind soul taught you

to fan your leaves this way

symmetrical and so well spaced

your stiff sword-shaped leaves

with creamy trimming at your sleeves

but your flowers i have yet to see

what's the name they give to thee?


nah said...

I’m not a pineapple
Neither am I a porcupine
I may look like ms aloe vera
But I’m not herbal; do not have medicinal qualities like her
Some nuts will think I’m pandan leaves
Yet I do not have the sweet aroma required for many delicacies
You said you’ve not seen flowers on me
Don’t despair, wait a decade, I shall not disappoint you
Come closer to me, touch me, you’ll feel my thorns
I am a catus by the name of Agave angustifolia marginata.

yg said...

mr nah, very impressive. it's also known as the variegated caribbean agave (my reference: 1001 garden plants in s'pore, nparks publication, page 107)

Ivy said...
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Ivy said...

Oops.. that was me..
Isn't that the sanseviera??

yg said...


sanseviera looks like this

Doris said...

some people think that putting eggshells at the leaf tips will make this cactus more beautiful.

yg said...

doris, is that the only reason why egg-shells are placed at the tips? how about crab shells? i have always wondered why some people put the crab shells on plants, especially on promegranate plants.

doris said...

my mum said pomegranate trees (considered holy trees) favour red colours and so red threads/papers should be hung by the person plucking off a twig with leaves for religious use to ward off bad luck, thus the red colour will in turn ward off bad luck from the tree it was plucked from else it will wither off and die. mine died because some passers-by did not hang red threads/red papers after plucking.
cooked crab shells are red so the adorned tree will grow more luxuriouysly. i've tried and it worked.