Thursday, January 8, 2009

ladies of the night - from the west indies

allo, allo, anyone of are you interested to meet some 'ladies of the night' from the west indies?

no, they are not at geylang, joo chiat or duxton road.

they are at a very nice park in the western part of singapore.

i can give your the directions to their usual hang-out. they are there all the time, hanging around. there are about forty of them, all slender and of about the same complexion. okay, some are a shade darker than their sisters.

when you are on labrador villa road, head straight for the car-parks. look out for car-park c. it is a new car-park, close to the extension of labrador nature reserve. the 'young ladies' are found about 10 metres from the tourist information building. can look, can touch but cannot take home.

i managed to take some pictures of them this morning. there was a school group around, so i had to be discreet when taking these pictures.

first, some other sights you may have missed at labrador nature reserve..

and here are the 'ladies of the night' from the west indies..


Victor said...

Chey, you got me all misled. :)

But I sensed something was wrong. If those "ladies of the night" were what I thought they were and they hung out at deserted Labrador Park in the hot afternoon sun, they would not have survived. The other kind usually prefer moonlight and more crowded places.

yg said...

alamak, victor, 'forty ladies of the night' definitely cannot be true. the ah peks (i am one of them) will be there early early to pick and choose.

fr said...

The other kind usually prefer moonlight and more crowded places.
alamak, victor, nowadays it is ladies 24h, moonlight or sunlight, crowded or not crowded

nah said...

Beware of the ladies who prefer moonlight. They take cover under darkness. If seen under sunlight, they will scare your daylights out of you. They are nice from far but far from nice. But, to the die…hard ah pek , whether in moonlight or in sunlight, their modus operandi is “cover the face and fire the base”.

yg said...

mr nah, you taking about old times, hah. nowadays these ladies do not work under the cover of darkness. they openly accost the men to offer their services. and you don't have to cover the face because quite a number of them are quite presentable with 'things' (real or articifial, i don't know)to look forward to and fall back on.

Seen This Scene That said...

Cheeky post, heh heh. Nowadays, you can observe them at some neighbourhood kopitiams.

yg said...

seenthisscenethat, if you go down to geylang lor 23, just before aljunied road, there is a corner coffee-shop (kopitiam) which is always packed, especially around noon time, with lots of ah peks and their china girl-friends.

fr said...

Haha I think Mr Nah seeing too many vampire movies.