Sunday, January 11, 2009

little nyonya snack

i was supposed to get the pie tee cups from red lips located at gourmet east kitchen, blk 3017 bedok north st 5 #06-23. instead i got them from a market stall at chong boon market in ang mo kio. an air-tight container of 50 pie tee cups cost $10.00. i did not know that kueh pie tee is also known as 'top hat'. come to think of it, the cups do look like top hats.

the fillings consisted of shredded turnips and carrots which had been fried with shallots, hae bee (dried shrimps) and taucheo (fermented beans). a chicken cube dissolved in water was later added to the mixture. it was then left to simmer over a low heat.

the ingredients for kueh pie tee is not as many and varied as popiah and the pie tee cups can be kept for a longer period of time - about two weeks - than the popiah skin. we topped the filling with a steamed half-sliced prawn and chilli sauce. coriander leaves could be used as garnishes.

after eating kueh pie tee for two days, i suddenly realise that the craze for a certain kind of food could be determined by some shows currently screened on tv. kueh pie tee is a traditional nyonya dish, right?

since we are into nyonya food, here is a quiz question. what is the name of the nyonya/malay dessert shown below?

you can find the answer here


peter said...

i only know how to eat.......and know nonya girls quite sexy (from the back)

Icemoon said...

I think Peter is referring to their bun at the back.

I think they are quite sexy from the front when wearing the sarong kebaya. Even Malaysian airlines stewardess are wearing that, copy from SIA one? Why are they wearing a peranakan costume, I don't know. I thought they should take pride in the Baju Kurung.

yg said...

icemoon, initially i misread the word 'bun' as 'bum'. you mean to say that peter likes to eat their buns.

Icemoon said...

Opps you are right, I also not sure Peter referred to their bun, bum or something else.

Victor said...

Initially I also misinterpreted something in this post. Not the "bun" as "bum" but your first photo. I thought they were nutmeg strips which I used to buy as a snack from the mama shop when I was a child.

yg said...

victor, the nutmeg strips with sprinkling of sugar are not so limp. i used to eat when i was a child.