Friday, October 3, 2008

the stork-billed kingfisher

was walking across the main bridge at sungei buloh wetland reserve when i heard an unfamiliar bird call. when i started looking for the source of it, the call stopped. looking up, among the trees, i saw a large kingfisher, the largest i have seen. it turned out to be a stork-billed kingfisher. the bird is at the top right-hand corner of the first picture - (this presents icemoon a chance to practise his bird spotting skill).

"stork-billed kingfishers are the largest kingfishers found in singapore. but they are rarely sighted because they are shy and less noisy than other kingfishers."

"stork-billed kingfisher is a species of a variety of well-wooded habitats near lakes, rivers or coasts. it perches quietly whilst seeking food, and is often inconspicuous despite its size. it is territorial and will chase away eagles and other large predators. this species hunts fish, frogs, crabs, rodents and young birds.

stork-billed kingfisher digs its nest in a river bank, decaying tree, or a tree termite nest. a clutch of two to five round white eggs is typical."

this one is definitely bigger than the white throated kingfisher i encountered along the pavement at yishun avenue 1 sometime in may this year.

the kingfisher that is most commonly seen and heard in singapore is the collared kingfisher. these kingfishers are so loud and noisy that you cannot miss hearing them each time you go for walk along the coast like kranji trail or a mangrove area like the sungei buloh wetland reserve.

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