Thursday, October 2, 2008

rectifying the poorly designed bridge

whoever designed and built this pedestrian bridge forgot about the pedestrians who need to bypass the bridge and move by the side. if you are doing so, you may have to step onto the road to walk past this overhead bridge.

sometime ago, in july, i blogged about this poorly designed pedestrian bridge. i do not know if someone from land transport authority read about it and decided on immediate action to rectify it or they had already planned to do so even before i blogged about it. however, towards the end of september, they started constructing a new foot-path for pedestrians so that they no longer need to step onto the road while walking past this bridge.


thepoweroflove said...

Hi, on ur 10 nov 2007 post, u talk abt aloha resorts. u mentioned that the caretakers are hainanese. May I know whether u're talking abt the cluny lodge caretaker or richmond bungalow caretaker? Thanks.

yg said...

that was some 30 years ago. most probably it was cluny lodge because at fraser's hills, we usually stayed with my friend's uncle who also happened to be a hainanese. anyway, in those days, most of the caretakers were hainanese and very good cooks. i don't know about the present situation.