Friday, October 17, 2008

lee kuo chuan school - new and old, both gone

i think lee kuo chuan school was started in the 50s. its first location was along 450 thomson road. it was housed in three or four rows of single-storey buildings. today, though the buildings are still around, the place has been converted into an old folk home. it is called the lee ah mooi old age home and the address is given as 1 thomson lane.

around the mid 80s, lee kuo chuan moved to new premises at ah hood road. it did not exist for very long. not long after that, it was used as a holding school for a number of schools undergoing prime (programme for rebuilding and improving existing schools). one of these schools was st andrew's junior school, which squatted there from 2003 to 2005. anglo chinese primary and chij also used the premises when their schools were undergoing rebuilding and renovation. today, it has been leased to some private school, so it is known as the queen margaret university, asia campus.

although i did not study at lee kuo chuan school, i know the old site quite well because i had visited it before. a few of my kampong (chia heng) neighbours attended the school and i remember accompanying one of them to the school one day. it had to be during one of the school holidays. that must have been in the early 60s.

i was not aware that a kampong existed behind lee kuo chuan school at thomson road. all i can remember about the place is that it was like a piece of wasteland which we, kampong kids, ventured to while on an outing one day. it had to be a warm day because the moment we saw a pond, we could not resist jumping into it in our birthday suits.

many years later - four decades or so - i was at a meeting when i thought i knew this person from somewhere but could not place him. then we started talking about the good old days. when he mentioned the 'swimming' incident behind his former primary school, i realised that he was one of the boys from the kampong at gentle road who joined us for a splashing time in the pond.

lee kuo chuan school takes its name after lee kuo chuan, the father of lee kong chian. do not get lee kuo chuan school mix up with kuo chuan presbyterian school.


Yasin said...

i attended LKCPS from 1985 - 1987 and i loved it. ")

yg said...

yasin, you attended the 'newer' lkc, the one at ah hood rd. you were there for 3 years only?

Anonymous said...

I completed my primary 6 there in 1957. We have very fond memories of our time there. Some of our teachers are still around (2013. will be putting an article up in iremembersingapore website. Chin SM

Anonymous said...

A lot of fond memories in both new and old campuses.

Unknown said...

I studied at LKCPS from 1975 to 1980. Fond memories!

Lawrence Han said...

The one at Whampoa is Rayman Primary School. I studied there from 1981 to 1984 before moving to LKCPS at Ah Hoon Road in 1985 (and completed my PSLE in 1986). Miss those days!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just came across this web site. Been searching for my classmates from Lee Kuo Chuan Primary school for decades but can't find.

Was in LKC from 1965 to 1970 (P1 to P6) when it was located at the original site along Thomson Road Remember Chequers Hotel at the top of the little hill just outside the school's main gate? Anyone from LKC during those times?

I had a truly wonderful classmate from P1 to P6, Lee Sock Khiang Christina. We kept in touch, by letters then, after posting to secondary school but lost contact shortly after she moved to Marine Parade when it was first developed by HDB.

Would be wonderful to catch up.......


Agnes said...

Me too