Wednesday, October 8, 2008

formula one - a non-event

as far as i was concerned, the much hyped first formula 1 night race in the world was a non-event. believe it or not, i did not even watch the live telecast of it. millions of people all over the world watched it.

however, some good did come out of it - i received some nice pictures of singapore city scene at night.

this morning, i walked past city hall and saw that some of the barriers were still around. almost two weeks after the event and they have not completed dismantling everything. it gave me a chance to find out how these instant barriers were installed. they had these huge and very heavy blocks of concrete with holes and grips for the metal poles that held up the fence. the structure was solid and stable.


Anonymous said...

Do you how much a can of Coke cost at the F1? S$8.00. Yes, eight sing dollars.

Anonymous said...

2009 F1 should be cheaper. That's because Honda has pulled out (less teams participating), Shanghai GP will pulled out in 2010.