Saturday, July 26, 2008

tropical fruits found in the open & wild

how many of these tropical fruits -being sold at one of the stalls along the malaysian lebuhraya makan and rest stops - can you find in our nature parks, nature reserves and along the sides of some roads?

mango ( y)

banana (y)

langsat (y)

papaya (y)

durian (y)

mata kuching (longan) (y)

rambutan (y)

mangosteen (y)

chempedak (y)

soursop (y)

starfruit (small) (y)

pineapple (n)

looks like practically all the tropical fruits that are on sale at this stall in johor can be found growing either in our nature parks, nature reserves or planted by the sides of some roads in some outlying areas.

today, when i walked the trail from zhenghua to rifle range road, i came across two trees heavily laden with mata kuching (longan), apart from the more common durian, rambutan and papaya trees.

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