Tuesday, July 15, 2008

balestier group at forest walk (southern ridges)

this is the first time that i missed the walk with the balestier group since we started our monthly walk in 2007. i injured my back while carrying a full pail of water to wash my car on friday evening. i had dismissed it as a slight inconvenience and i was still looking forward to joining the group for the saturday morning walk.

on saturday morning i felt excruciating pain when i attempted to get up from the bed. i quickly messaged seck yeong to tell her to go ahead with the walk without me. anyway, i 'deputise' kwan to lead the group for the walk from telok blangah hill to the hort park. i had emailed directions to the group to park at car-park 3.

this was also the first time albert poh finally managed to join the group for the walk. most of the time he was either overseas or tied up with work. the one time he was around and could have make it, he got the time wrong: he had thought that the walk was in the evening.

i think there was another first. for the first time, seck yeong and teck seng were joined by their son for the walk.

i heard puay heian could not make it because she was down with flu.

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